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We are a Spanish consulting and auditing company that develops: Plans and actions for strategic and operational marketing and Sales development.

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Experience and logic has taught us that, for the development of a project to generate business you need to have prior knowledge of clients both at corporate level as well as their solutions and products, but also it is very necessary to know how to interact with customers... because ultimately, for a period of time we will be an additional integrated part of the company and must safeguard the core values that the company ... both IMAGE and CLIENTS.

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Green Light has a significant market know-how and its staff have great expertise in visualising and producing business proposals.

Our methodology is based on a combination of logic as well as professionalism..., logic to develop well-reasoned and reasonable projects and professionalism that implies having a series of absolute principles for the achievement of basic objectives, maintaining high levels in the quality and care of our client´s brand and image.

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